2019 NPL Season Wrap

While it's been a relatively quiet year for TPO Rankings - we couldn't let the season finish without a season wrap. We've been updating the Rankings throughout the year, but when it comes to weekly shows/social media we've been a bit slack.

In this show we run through:

- The Top 25 as it stands right now

- Biggest movers up the Rankings in 2019

- Biggest movers down the Rankings in 2019

- A quick recap of each of the NPL's

- Some other interesting stats Jake has thrown together

- We answer some questions from our Instagram followers

- Plans for the A-League season (Fantasy!)

Hope you enjoyed the show and we'd say we'll be back next week, but we won't be. Any questions, reach out via social media/email and we'll get back to you.


Jake and Cody

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