The Current Longest Unbeaten Run in Australian Football | Round 21 of the TPO Rankings Show

19 Games Unbeaten!? Which club holds the longest unbeaten run in Australian Football?

We also recap 5 games from the weekend just gone:

  • Moreton Bay v Western Pride

  • Adelaide Comets v MetroStars

  • Bayswater v Perth Glory Youth

  • White City Woodville vs Adelaide Blue Eagles

  • Launceston City vs Devonport City

And we look forward to some exciting fixtures this weekend:

  • Lions FC v Moreton Bay Jets

  • Altona Magic v North Geelong Warriors

  • Adelaide Comets vs Campbelltown City

  • Launceston City vs Hobart Zebras

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See you at the same time next week.


Jake and Cody

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