Which clubs are going through to the final 32 of the FFA Cup? | Round 15 of the TPO Rankings Show

Jake and Cody go head to head in tipping who will be the clubs going through to the final 32 of the FFA Cup.

We also recapped these games:

  • Avondale v Heidelberg

  • St Albans Saints v Moreland City

  • Adelaide City v Campbelltown

  • SWQ Thunder vs Redlands United

  • Magpies Crusaders vs North QLD United

  • Brisbane City vs Moreton Bay United

  • Brisbane Strikers vs Lions

  • Olympic FC vs Western Pride

And we also look forward to a big weekend of fixtures, including:

  • Moreland City v Moreland Zebras

  • Adelaide Raiders v White City Woodville

  • Sydney Olympic vs APIA Leichhardt Tigers

  • Blacktown City vs Sydney United 58

See you at the same time next week.


Jake and Cody

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