FFA CUP - It’s all about the Magic of the cup! | Round 13 of the TPO Rankings Show

We have cup fever this week! We discuss the teams still in the FFA Cup and Jake tests Cody out with some Cup trivia. Man we love putting this show together!

We also recapped these games:

  • Sunshine Coast Wanderers v Peninsula Power

  • Avondale  v Bentleigh Greens

  • Green Gully v Heidelberg

  • Modbury Jets v Adelaide Raiders

  • Southside Eagles v Wide Bay Buccaneers

  • Adelaide Comets v Adelaide City

  • Hobart Zebras v Launceston City

Aaaaannnd we also look forward to a big weekend of fixtures, including:

  • Lions FC v Brisbane City
  • Campbelltown City v Metrostars
  • Western Pride v Brisbane Strikers
  • Sydney United v Sydney Olympic
  • St George FC v CCM

See you at the same time next week.


Jake and Cody

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